Peninsula Plein Air Painters Schedule Summer 2019. —

We are all looking forward to some wonderful gatherings of paint brushes over the next few months. Happy painting everyone. via Peninsula Plein Air Painters Schedule Summer 2019. — Peninsula Plein Air Painting Group

via Peninsula Plein Air Painters Schedule Summer 2019. — Peninsula Plein Air Painting Group — Peninsula Plein Air Painting Group


Hi everyone,

Wishing you all a very happy Christmas and a new year filled with successful paintings and many red dots.

We just want to take this opportunity to thank Rodger and Maxine for their leadership, time and effort in organising our group, finding so many wonderful painting sites and making thursdays a fun and friendly day for us all.

Your new committee is

Carol Hayllar.President. Gloria Shaw,Treasurer. Kay Lipman, Secretary.

It was decided at our AGM that subs.for 1st.January to 31st. December 2019, be raised to $20.00 for PPP membership,and $10 extra for those who wish to continue to be members of Studio Sorrento. Membership of Studio Sorrento enables you to exhibit at their exhibitions. Our treasurer, Gloria has requested that  fees be paid as soon as possible.

Continuing on from the “spirited discussion” atthe AGM regaring the meaning of plein air, here are some thoughts from which agree with my understanding. Perhaps some of you have different ideas you might like to share.

  1. pertaining to a manner or style of painting developed chiefly in France in the mid-19th century, characterized by the representation of the luminous effects of natural light and atmosphere as contrasted with the artificial light and absence of the sense of air or atmosphere associated with paintings produced in the studio.
  2. designating a painting executed out of doors and representing a direct response to the scene or subject in front of the artist.
  3. (of a painting) having the qualities of air and natural light.

Cheers Kay.